Ice Melting Solutions

A Wide Selection Of Ice Melting Solutions

Ice, snow and sleet affect both our personal and professional lives. Inclement weather may cause traffic accidents or “slips and falls,” which sometimes result in unfortunate injuries. For over 20 years, Mears has specialized in a wide variety of high-performance de-icers for the residential and commercial markets. Mears is dedicated to keeping your parking lots and walkways safe with our advanced potassium and chloride formulations.

Our vast array of de-icing products are performance specific, ranging from differing temperature blends to blends with color indicators for ease of application. Each product is designed to meet the melting demands for your region. You can rest assured, when temperatures drop, our line of de-icing products will consistently meet the challenges of winter weather.

Mears Fertilizer is confident that we can meet your de-icing product needs with our product quality, variety of packaging sizes, timely deliveries and our superior customer service. Contact us to find a local distributor in your area.

Our Ice Melting Products


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