Plow King® Ice Melt

Industrial Strength De-Icer

A color enhanced de-icing product that has been specially designed for commercial applicators. Formulated with a higher percentage of calcium and magnesium chloride, PLOW KING® will give you performance along with the ease of application.

  • Industrial Strength Melting Power
  • Blue Color for Easy Application
  • Magnesium Calcium Chloride Formula
  • Effective Melting Range -10° to -15° F

Available Sizes:

Product # Unit Size Pallet Count UPC Code
B48320 20 Lb. Bag 120 7 26523 48320 4
B48350 50 Lb. Bag 49 7 26523 48350 1
B48150 50 Lb. Pail 27 N/A
B4832M 2000 Lb. Bag 1 N/A
Plow King® Ice Melt


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