On-Site Conversion Service

44 Years of Experience in On-Site Manufacturing of 10-34-00

Mears has established on-site manufacturing of liquid ammonium polyphosphate (10-34-00) and potassium phosphate (00-20-20) solutions used in the agricultural and industrial markets.

Mears is capable of handling any domestically produced super phosphoric acid on the market today. We take particular pride in the professionalism of our crews and the unerring accuracy of our custom liquid fertilizer conversion service.

For more than four decades, we have built our conversion business by serving the shifting needs of our customers. That’s why, in addition to our standard mobile units, we also provide a low-emission mobile unit capable of meeting today’s most rigorous environmental demands.

Our philosophy is simple – We provide a quality product, delivered on-grade, at a fair price. Mears can bring you an extra measure of convenience and economy — guaranteed! And we’d like nothing better than to show you how we can make a difference in your business.

Learn How Mears’ On-Site Manufacturing Strives to Meet Your Needs:


Over the past 34 years, Mears has manufactured more than 8 million tons of ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer for operations across the United States, giving us the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to manufacture the highest quality fertilizer.

Having pioneered the concept of on-site fertilizer manufacturing, Mears truly understands what it takes to produce top quality products. We designed and built the industry’s first portable mixer, and continue to design and maintain our own equipment to meet the highest production standards, including top-of-the-line monitoring equipment to observe and document the manufacturing process. Our operators undergo weeks of intense training before they are qualified to operate our conversion units, and we support their skills through ongoing training to ensure knowledge of the most current production issues and techniques.


At Mears, safety is priority. Not only is the safety of our operators a concern, but also is the safeness of your facility, personnel, customers and community of high importance. We rigorously train every operator in the latest safety procedures and regulations. Our equipment is designed with these standards firmly in mind. Because in the end, delivering quality products isn’t enough, products must be delivered securely and with attention to the well being of your people and environment to truly be of value to your operation. At Mears, your peace of mind is just as important to us as it is to you.


At Mears, we believe that making your life easier is just part of the job. Our on-site manufacturing process offers the most convenience possible, and requires little effort on your part to achieve quality results. After all, you have enough to do.

  • No-hassle tracking and scheduling. Once acid cars have shipped from the manufacturer, our transportation department will monitor their movement until they arrive at your location. We’ll let you know when the acid cars are en route, so you can follow up on the source of ammonia. Then, we will contact you before the acid cars arrive and schedule a production time.
  • Minimal effort and preparation. We provide all of the equipment required for manufacturing — even the electricity. And you won’t need to help with set-up or processing. All we need are the ingredients and a storage tank for the finished products.
  • Consideration for your busy schedule. We understand retail operations, so we’re careful to set up out of the way where we won’t intrude on your business. Plus, we leave the site as orderly as it was when we arrived, saving you any cleanup responsibilities.
  • Speed and attention to detail. We work around the clock until your manufacturing is done, while assuring the highest quality products. Once completed, we’ll close and lock the tanks as you prefer before we leave.

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10-34-00 Liquid Ammonium Polyphosphate Solution

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11-37-00 Liquid Ammonium Polyphosphate Solution

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