For Over 50 Years

For over 50 years, Mears Fertilizer, Inc. has been a leader in providing products and services for the agricultural, residential, industrial and commercial markets. As a family-owned business, Mears values establishing long-lasting client relationships and we consistently strive to deliver results that exceed expectations.

At Mears, we understand the daily operations of industrial, commercial, and agricultural based businesses, and pride ourselves on steadily maintaining and delivering satisfaction with our products and services. We build strong, straightforward and rewarding partnerships with our customers, so you always know you can count on Mears to respond quickly to your needs.

We are pleased that you took time to view our company’s website. If you have any questions about our turf & ornamentals, ice melt, agricultural products, custom blending; or our on-site manufacturing and custom packaging, please contact us. We appreciate the opportunity to accommodate the needs of your customers and your business.

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Products & Services

Mears Fertilizer, Inc. Agricultural Fertilizer (photo of tractor plowing field).


In 1966, over 50 years ago, Mears Fertilizer, Inc. started out as a fertilizer dealer serving the needs of farmers. Today, though we are no longer a fertilizer dealer, we have a unique understanding of the daily challenges agricultural fertilizer dealers face, while providing quality products and services to their customers.

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Mears Fertilizer, Inc. Turf & Ornamental, photo of lawn mower cutting residential turf.


We know keeping your turf & ornamentals in pristine condition is important to you and it’s just as important to us at Mears. Although we are agricultural based, our expertise extends well beyond that function. When you need products to maintain turf or keep beauty in bloom, trust Mears' innovative solutions to deliver.

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Mears Fertilizer, Inc. - Homepage de-icer and ice melt (photo of cleared winter road).

Ice Melt

For over 20 years, Mears has specialized in a wide variety of high-performance de-icers for residential and commercial markets. Mears is dedicated to keeping your parking lots and walkways safe.

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Mears Fertilizer, Inc. On-Site Manufacturing Home Page Photo of custom built on-site manufacturing unit.

On-Site Manufacturing

Mears has established on-site manufacturing of liquid ammonium polyphosphate (10-34-00) and potassium phosphate (00-20-20) solutions used in the agricultural and industrial markets.

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