About Mears Fertilizer

Serving Customers For Over 50 Years

Mears Fertilizer Inc. was founded in 1966 by Galen Mears in El Dorado, Kansas, and it has been a family-owned business ever since. Our company has continued to expand over the years. We’ve been modifying our products and services to meet the progressive needs of our customers nationwide. We strive to provide focused, personal attention to each and every one of our distributors and dealers. At Mears, we deliver the highest-quality products in order to maintain the industry’s most exacting quality control standards. Whether you’re looking for NPK fertilizer formulations, ice melt products, or taking advantage of our on-site manufacturing services, you can count on consistent, superior products year after year.

The equipment used by Mears for our on-site production of 10-34-00 liquid phosphate is designed, built and maintained in-house by our professionals. Over the last 50 years, our customer base has expanded to locations in multiple states with production of 100’s of thousands of tons each year. Mears continues to grow, adapt and pioneer in the 21st century. We look forward to future innovations and discovering new ways to meet the unique requests from our clients!

A History Of Innovation

Mears Fertilizer began as a retail dealer in El Dorado, Kansas. Less than a decade later, we completed construction of our first portable liquid poly-phosphate processing unit. It was used at our terminal, as well as for limited on-site processing for customers in three states.

With a growing customer base and ever-advancing technology, Mears Fertilizer, Inc. required a second unit in 1978, and added two more units over the following decade. Thanks to our dedication to maintenance and upgrading, the liquid poly-phosphate conversion units remain the core of our operation, helping us serve customers in 30 states and producing 300 – 400 thousand tons of finished product each year.

Today, we are still growing, adapting and improving based on our experience and expertise. Our knowledge runs deep and we trust that we will continue to discover cutting-edge ways to meet our customers’ needs and provide personalized solutions with unsurpassed proficiency.


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