Gripmaster™ Ice Melt

Commercial Grade With Economical Price

A TruGreen Exclusive Product.

Winter snow can send butterflies through your stomach as you hop off of a chairlift, but snow and ice on parking lots and sidewalks can be treacherous especially when your feet lose their grip. GRIPMASTER’s® ice melt contains a combination of three effective and fast-acting icemelting ingredients; sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and calcium chloride.

  • Fast Acting on Ice and Snow
  • Contains a Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Calcium Chloride Formula
  • Effective melting Range 0 to -10° F

Available Sizes:

Product # Unit Size Pallet Count UPC Code
B44320 20 Lb. Bag 120 7 26523 44320 8
B44350 50 Lb. Bag 49 7 26523 44350 5
B44150 50 Lb. Pail 27 N/A
B4432M 2000 Lb. Bag 1 N/A
Gripmaster™ Ice Melt


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