Trail Blazer Ice Melt Image
  • Product Info:
    A premium de-icer that melts icy obstacles with perfect chemistry. Geared for the retail market, TRAIL BLAZER packs two active ice-cutting ingredients, calcium and magnesium chloride, that will give you fast acting results when the winter weather is at its worst. TRAIL BLAZER Ice Melt will “Clear The Way”.
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  • Specs:
    • Commercial Quality for the Homeowner
    • Contains a Corrosion Inhibitor
    • Magnesium and Calcium Chloride Formula
    • Effective Melting Range -10 to -15° F
  • Available In:
    • 10 lb. Bag
    • 12 lb. Jug
    • 20 lb. Bag
    • 50 lb. Bag
    • 40 lb. Pail
    • 2000 lb. Tote Bag