Ammonia Equipment

Ammonia is the most critical concern throughout the manufacturing process, posing a risk to our employees, customers and even the community at large. At Mears, we understand these risks, and take strong measures to ensure that ammonia is handled safely. We thoroughly train our production operators to monitor and strictly control ammonia levels to prevent any uncontrolled releases, and our equipment is designed to minimize any risk of release throughout the production process.

Each manufacturing unit features built-in safety systems* that monitor ammonia pressure at every stage of manufacturing. If an unusual increase or decrease in ammonia pressure is detected, the safety system automatically shuts down all ammonia sources and ceases production within 60 seconds. Production will not resume until the problem is located and corrected by a trained operator.

Having handled more than 1 million tons of ammonia, we’ve refined our safety procedures to guarantee minimal risk with features including:

  • Ammonia Safety Shut-off Valves on all ammonia sources, which can be operated remotely from the manufacturing unit.
  • Stainless steel metal flex hoses, which are used on all major ammonia supply lines.
  • Stainless steel reinforced hoses, which are used on all ammonia supply lines leading to the manufacturing unit.
  • Regular pressure testing of all ammonia hoses every three months to ensure hose integrity, with documentation on file.
  • Annual testing of all ammonia lines and heat exchangers to test the overall integrity of hard plumbing systems, with documentation on file.
  • Annual testing of all commercial grade pressure relief valves used on the manufacturing unit.

* The safety system installed on our manufacturing units is designed for unit shut downs. The safety system is not capable of re-starting the process.