Elevate Your Turf

The Ca+alyst family of enhanced calcium products allow turf professionals to correct and maintain proper soil pH for healthy and vigorous turf.

Plant Health Begins In Your Soil

Turf professionals know healthy plants start with proper soil pH. Soil pH plays a major role in nutrient availability of applied and stored nutrients, the opening of soil pores for better water penetration, reducing bicarbonates and unwanted salts and improving microbial activity.

The Power Of Ca+alyst

The Ca+alyst calcium family of products are enhanced with pHixate, a combination of multiple carbon base organic acids with a specialized surfactant, which will help correct and maintain soil pH for proper soil health and turf quality. The use of Ca+alyst™ enhanced calcium products will result in quicker soil and plant response with lower rates than traditional calcium products. Supplementing Ca+alyst is pHixate. An all natural organic polymer which is fully bio-degradable, non-phytotoxic, non-corrosive, and economical for use on lawn care. Ca+alyst enhanced calcium products are available in High Calcitic Limestone and Gypsum with 2 particle sizes to choose from, coarse and greens grade.

Ca+alyst­™ Enhanced Calcitic Limestone Ca+alyst­™ Enhanced Gypsum pHixate Organic Complexing Agent

Benefits Of Using Ca+alyst

  • Reduce fertilizer nutrients
  • Maintain a more neutral soil pH
  • Non-phytotoxic and safe to handle
  • Derived from natural carbon source
  • Open soil pores and improve flocculation
  • Reduce bicarbonates and unwanted salts
  • Stimulate soil microflora by providing a carbon source
  • Chelates micronutrients like iron to improve plant availability
  • Economical alternative carbon source for lawncare programs
  • Converts locked nutrients like calcium into forms that are more available to plants