Product Quality

Over the past 34 years, Mears has manufactured more than 8 million tons of ammonium polyphosphate fertilizer for operations across the United States, giving us the knowledge, experience and expertise necessary to manufacture the highest quality fertilizer.

Having pioneered the concept of on-site fertilizer manufacturing, Mears truly understands what it takes to produce top quality products. We designed and built the industry’s first portable mixer, and continue to design and maintain our own equipment to meet the highest production standards, including top-of-the-line monitoring equipment to observe and document the manufacturing process. Our operators undergo weeks of intense training before they are qualified to operate our manufacturing units, and we support their skills through continuous training to ensure knowledge of the most current production issues and techniques.

Our on-site manufacturing process includes continuous product pH and specific gravity testing during production to ensure all product meets 10-34-0 grade requirements. Our hydrometers are calibrated to a National Bureau of Standards-certified benchmark accurate to within +/- .0005 for specific gravity. The use of a digital pH meter reading to two decimal points for N-P2O5 controls is a Mears standard. To ensure top quality fertilizer with a longer shelf life, Mears manufacturing units will put your product in storage at the lowest possible temperature with the highest possible polyphosphate level.

At Mears, quality control is a priority. We have assembled an extensive database of information stemming from the manufacture of thousands of tank cars of super acid. This data is used to establish control curves and processing guidelines so that every run meets our highest quality standards. To achieve consistency between tank cars, we set individual targets for each acid car based on the analysis of the acid provided by the acid manufacturer.

When it comes to quality, experience makes all the difference. At Mears, we have a depth of experience and knowledge uncommon among fertilizer manufacturers, and that expertise is evident in the quality of every product we produce.