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In 1966, over 50 years ago, Mears Fertilizer, Inc. started out as a fertilizer dealer serving the needs of the farmers. Today we are no longer a fertilizer dealer, but we do understand the daily challenges agricultural fertilizer dealers face while providing products and services to their customers.

With new process technology and our ongoing innovations, we have kept up with the changes in the agricultural industry while providing you with the best quality products and service you require. Our roll we play in the industry has changed but our priority of meeting your needs has remained the same.

Customized Formulation To Meet Your Needs

If you are unable to find a product for your customer in the list below, please contact us. We can custom formulate a product to meet your customers’ individual requirements.

NPK Base Fertilizers / NPK Formulations

Nitrogen BasedAnalysisProd TypeLabelSpecs(M)SDS
Urea Ammonium Nitrate, UAN 2828-00-00LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
Urea Ammonium Nitrate, UAN 3232-00-00LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
Urea Triazone, SRN 2525-00-00/.5BLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
Urea Triazone, SRN 5030-00-00LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
Urea Triazone, SRN 7228-00-00LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
Urea46-00-00Dry GrnlrLabelSpecsMSDS
Phosphate Based
AnalysisProd TypeLabelSpecs(M)SDS
Ammonium Polyphosphate
Potassium Based
AnalysisProd TypeLabelSpecs(M)SDS
Potassium Thiosulfate00-00-25/17SLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
Sulfate of Potash, SOP00-00-50/17SDry SolubleLabelSpecsMSDS
Muriate of Potash, MOP00-00-62Dry SolubleLabelSpecsMSDS
Other ProductsAnalysisProd TypeLabelSpecs(M)SDS
Ammonium Thiosulfate12-00-00/26sLiquidLabelSpecMSDS
Ammonium Zinc13-00-00/15ZnLiquidLabelSpecMSDS
NPK FormulationsAnalysisProd TypeLabelSpecs(M)SDS
High Potassium02-06-12LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer04-10-10LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer07-21-05/3S/.5ZnLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer07-21-07LiquidLabelSpecMSDS
NPK Fertilizer07-22-05LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer08-20-05/5S/.5ZnLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer08-21-04/3S/.5ZnLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer09-24-04LiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer10-20-00/9.5S/.5ZnLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
NPK Fertilizer10-25-00/5SLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS
N-S Fertilizer28-00-00/5SLiquidLabelSpecsMSDS